Camping area in Juostandis

Our camping area is located not far away from Senoji Varėna town by Merkys river. It is a perfect place for kayaking, hiking or bicycles tours, car tourism, also suitable to spend time with your family or friends in nature. There is a playground for kids, volleyball playground, swings, hiking routes, sauna, swimming pool and hot tub. The shop is just one and a half kilometers away. Also food and drinks could be brought for you to the camping area if you order. We offer two accommodation options: with your own tents or campers or specially equipped rooms. If you stay with your own tent or camper we provide a separate arbor with the electricity, fireplace and space for the tents.

The camp area has also got outdoor and indoor toilets, sinks and showers with warm water. The camping fee includes the use of firewood, barbecues, shingles shakes and use of outdoor kitchen, where you can find electricity, fridges, kettles, dishes, wash basin and drinking water. If you are looking for place under the roof, we can offer you a hall with overnight stays and rest areas for up to 22 people, located next to the administrative building. There are three separate rooms with bunk beds for 8 and 6 beds with bedding, mini kitchen, separate entrance to toilets and showers, terrace. It's a cozy space for your relaxation or celebrations.

Price list for all services.

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Is it possible to book a campsitewithoutrenting a canoe?

Yes, it ispossible. Services are notrelated to eachother. Camping, canoeing, hikingtoursandotherservicescan be bookedseparately.

Is it possible to bring pets to the campsite or is there an extra charge for them?

It is allowed. If necessary, we will ask you to follow the rules of safety, order and cleanliness. There is no extra charges for pets.

Can two adults and a child go in one kayak?

Yes, you can. In addition, we give the child a special seat to sit down and an extra life jacket.

Can one person go kayaking?

Yes, you can. This does not create any additional difficulties.

Do you provide services during the winter?

We provide services throughout the year. During the cold season, we select routes of special length on demand, as well as consult on how to prepare properly.

Is it possible to shorten river routes?

Yes, it is possible. Routes are quite flexible. You can find information about standard and short routes in the "Routes" section. We can advise you personally if you have any questions.

Do you provide delivery services?

We provide delivery services if we agree on it earlier. The cost of the service is calculated per kilometer. You can find prices in the section - prices.

Can I safely leave the car and other personal belongings on the campsite?

Camping is safe. There is always a service staff here. But if you leave your things irresponsibly, the staff will not take the responsibility for it.

Do you invoice for the services you provide?